Our Strengths

Our Strengths

Turnkey Capabilities

    In-house design

  • To provide the best solutions for complex designs and for projects with high risk and urgent priority in line with the client’s specifications.
  • Supply Chain

  • To become the partner of choice, respected by everyone for our cooperation and honesty in dealing with customers.
  • Turnkey project execution capability

  • Set targets to be the best, meeting project schedules through unprecedented quality and safety procedures.
  • Expert and prompt post project maintenance and after-sales solutions.

Project Management

  • alfanar bena's project personnel organize and manage a full range of services necessary to oversee the project planning and project management demands, from master planning to execution.
  • Our main goals are to:

  • Establish criteria of performance.
  • Ensure performance standards our met.
  • Meet the project and client requirements of “time and cost”.
  • We achieve these goals by:

  • Recruiting professional project management staff
  • Identifying and developing project management methodologies, best practices and standards.
  • Establishing a professional reporting system.
  • Planning every stage of the project’s lifecycle
  • Keeping customers regularly updated on the project with updated progress reports.

Equipment & Assets

  • In order to deliver world-class quality work and to meet demanding project milestones, we continuously invest in an array of the finest and most modern equipment.
  • Be it civil engineering, electro-mechanical works, testing or project commissioning, we have an extensive range of tools, equipment and plants at our disposal to meet the project needs.
  • alfanar bena is fully-equipped with modern construction equipment and machinery necessary to successfully execute a civil engineering project employing highly-skilled manpower.


  • Safety is a key value of alfanar’s work culture.
  • We maintain a spotless safety track record by virtue of our meticulous adherence to the highest safety norms demanded by the industry.
  • We recognize our responsibilities towards an effective management of health, safety and environment within the scope of contractual requirements of the awarded project, achieving high safety standards through the right combination of applicable HSE procedures, maintaining professional attitudes and employing dedicated safety staff supplemented with periodical safety evaluations.
  • Our authorized safety engineers instruct, check, regulate, monitor and pledge to take all measures in implementing the health, safety and loss prevention requirements of clients during all phases of project executions.


We are an ISO 9001-2008 certified company. In order to fulfill a customer’s requirements and to excel in meeting their expectations on current and future needs, importance is given to the following areas:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer complaints analysis and corrective actions
  • Internal quality audits
  • Continuous improvement plan
  • Management review

Our QA/QC teams are deeply involved at every stage of execution including vendor evaluation and inspections, pre-commissioning checks, final inspections and testing to maintain high quality levels.

Our mission

is to achieve TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, through continuous improvement in every facet of the company by a high degree of participation and collective efforts from our staff and management.